A Fistful of Darkness: gunslinging & humanity versus impending doom coming from demon-infested mines

Oh dang, the Scavengers were maybe my favourite, since they’re so different from the core Blades crew types (because scavenging outside the city is such a terrible idea in Akoros). In fact, when I started running my game in Skovlan, I thought about adapting your crew for use in the setting and offering it to my group if they wanted to change. In other words, if you need playtesters, and can wait a bit until I finish my course this summer, I’d love to be involved. :smiley: Sorry I can’t commit before then though.


Great to hear that and no problem regarding time. I know that myself and I won’t go away :slight_smile:


I’ve run one session of a playtest with this so far, and will be running a second session (our first session of actually playing instead of character/crew/map creation) next Friday. So far the group is all pretty excited about it! I’ll get you my feedback from the first session ASAP, @monkeyEcho – things have been a little hectic, and I keep putting off e-mailing you back about it. :flushed: Sorry!


@shadowpuppet Hey, no problem! I’m glad you/your group likes the game and gives it a try. I’m curious about which playbooks you use and what is great/working or bad/hindering. If you need something, let me know, I’m happy to help.

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This is a really clever effect, do you mind if I do something similar for my own hack?
“SNAKEOIL MIRACLES: When you assist or engage in a
group action with someone, they may also ignore one harm penalty.”


Sure, go ahead. Funny thing is that in my playtests no one wanted to play “The Gentle Touch” yet. Maybe I’ll see this ability in action some day.


Re-posting some art which from and beyond the current text. Mainly to get myself into the right mood to finish that book. We’ll see how this work out.

A Night in the Swamp

Additional Art by Galen Pejeau


The art here looks really good, and I had a look in the downloads too. A+. The clock designs are very clever but the most interesting thing must be the world (map) building section :thinking:


All the art is cool. A Night in the Swamp is cool as Hell.


Now, also on itch.io:

Hope that you have fun with my game.


Have a nice cup of DOOOOOM


Working on art for the final book.
“The Forest”

Yep, going crazy with procreate brushes :slight_smile:


That is beautiful work!

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Thanks a lot. Highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Working on the book, listening to Hard West soundtrack, creating some full page art. Just to let you know that I did not give up.


I just ran across your game yesterday after working on my own Weird West hack for Blades for a couple of days (I wasn’t smart enough to check the Forged in the Dark site before I started).

I was very disappointed by how fantastic your hack is (I hoped it wouldn’t be so good so that I could continue working on mine) and after talking with my group yesterday I’m very excited to run your beta for them (after our Scum and Villainy season wraps up). We wondered if there is a timeline for a physical copy’s release?

The only thing I’m planning to change for our beta is rules that I altered for my players to use a Poker deck instead of dice. If you are interested in those as optional rules let me know and I can share my Google drive folder.

Thanks so much for this game, it’s truly inspired.

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I’m not the OP… but I for one would like to see some optional poker deck rules for this BitD hack! I generally prefer using dice- but it would be too thematic to not at least give it a look!


I’d be interested too. I’m using a poker deck in my hack for improv, but still using dice for action rolls. I’d love to find a way to use blackjack (or other) as an approach to downtime activities!


I love that idea, so I wrote up some rules that I’ll be playtesting soon to (at least) run Indulge Vice as a Blackjack game. I don’t want to run over this thread from our benevolent author. Is there a better place on this community to post rules hacks?

Thanks for praising A Fistful of Darkness. That keeps me going and makes my day :slight_smile:
I hope the full book will reach the “fantastic” level, too, so I’m working on that.

Yes, there will be a physical option, or to be more precise a pod option because I plan to publish such a thing using drivethrurpg.com. Never did that before so it will take some time to figure that out.

Regarding timeline that’s difficult to say with some degree of certainty: 2020 for sure, I hope for Q1 but that’s very optimistic because I do writing, art, layout by myself. I managed to get more freedback from reallly cool playtesting people (your group, too?) and I try to make it the perfect game for your table. I could fiddle random tables or create art all year long, so I hope I find the right point in time where I call it finished.

Last regarding poker/card based mechanics (great spoiler ahead!): No, won’t be part of my game. Mainly because such a mechanic will need some serious playtesting regarding balancing and I never played a game before where such a thing was included. So, I just cannot pull that off because I’m lacking the experience and the drive.
Now the spoiler: I never played Deadlands (shocking truth). My creative push was a game of Shadows of Brimestone and The 6th Gun, Jonah Hex and East of West comics. I even thought that including the four horsemen was a clever idea (homeage to my roman catholic upbringing), because I did not now (then) that they are part of Deadlands, too. Maybe hard to believe but true :slight_smile:

So if you want to hack my game which is a hack of Johns game this is a cool thing in my eyes. Hack away!

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