A hack similar to Cultist Simulator?

Hello scoundrels,

I’m looking for a hack that might evoke the feeling of running a cult, a social change movement, or any other political organisation, trying to promote an ideology. While you can play as a cult in blades, you still do it in an ecosystem of “the criminal underworld of a city”, and you do various scoundrelly things to promote your cult. I’m looking for a hack that shifts the focus, so the players face the sort of things that a political movement might face.

Any ideas?


the first RPG that comes to mind is Comrades. Comrades can help you. You can shape and play your organization as religius cult.

Anyway you had a great idea.



If you change the underlying assumptions you’re halfway there. Changing the entanglements a bit, and maybe looking at the Unusual Suspects playbook jam could get you most of the rest of the way.
Then it’s up to the table what to do with it. :sweat_smile: