A Torch in the Dark Coming Soon to KS

Hey Scoundrels,

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to hold A Torch in the Dark in your hands, you’ll soon be able to!

I’m gonna be doing a first print run of this solo dungeon crawling FitD game. It’ll be printed as an 8.5x11 zine, have revised rules, better layout, new art, the works.

If you wanna be first to know when the project launches, follow along at the link below. Thanks!



Well Delvers, the time is come.

Will you survive the catacombs?

The vaults?

The necropolis?

Will you be a beacon to the people?

Will you be a light for the revolution?

Will you be… a torch in the dark?

The Kickstarter for A Torch in the Dark is live. If you already own it on itch or DTRPG, you’ll get this new version for free when it releases. If not, now if a great time to get the digital PDF, a first printing of the zine, or to see your character immortalized in the pages of A Torch in the Dark forever.

Check it! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/notwriting/a-torch-in-the-dark