Agon in FoudryVTT?


Is there any plans to officially support Agon (and other Paragon games) in Foundry VTT?

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Nothing in the works right now, but we’re looking into more FVTT development in the future.


Found this thread so I thought I’d share a screenshot of the Agon FVTT System I’m working on.

I’m trying to match the design of the book and I’m hoping I can add even more automation then is in the Roll20 adaptation.

If anyone’s interested in trying a beta when it’s ready let me know.


I’d be interested.

This looks promising! I’m looking to set up a game of Agon on Foundry VTT this week. I’d love to try this out if it is ready.


Did you find the time to work on that? How’s progressing?

Playing Agon on Foundry would be great.

Bump on this! I am super keen to run the Storm Furies playset within FVTT!