Alchemicals as Mission Rewards?

The Asset rules list Alchemicals as a Fine Asset. What happens when you get Alchemicals, either by using Acquire Asset or getting them as a mission reward. I’m struggling with what this actually looks like in play. How much is gained? What type?

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I would think if you’re using Acquire Asset, you decide what type?
For mission rewards, I’d think it would be decided as part of laying out the mission?

As The_Benj says, if you’re going for an acquire asset you get to decide what the alchemicals look like.

Some of the examples in the book are:

  • Owlsight Oil - lets you see in the dark but bright light blinds you
  • Chembalm - Neutralises most poisons and toxins
  • Deep - lets you hold your breath for a scene
  • Rage venom - gain physical potency for a scene but you must resist attacking friends

But you can talk to your group about what they want and decide whether or not that kind of asset might be found here.

As for how much of it might they get from a mission reward - I used the existing special missions as a barometer. For instance, one special mission gives you 3 uses of Rage Venom, so whenever my players have found alchemicals it’s usually 1 supply of alchemicals = 3 uses (which kind of fits in with the way blackshot and relics work).

Yeah, when you acquire alchemical or brew them, the “normal” result is 3 “uses” to the potion. This is confirmed also by the example on page 260.
In the case of an “Acquire asset” roll, it can be modified if the roll is bad or critical.