Any chance of an updated stretch goal timeline?

We’re getting close to five years (wow!) since the original Kickstarter, and haven’t hears much from several of the stretch goals. Is there a shot we could see a detailed breakdown of where everything is at, like we’ve had in the past?

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Hi cali_keftiu,

Thanks for the reminder, we’re due for an update! Right now we’ve been working on Coneycatchers (in layout), Broken Crown (in development), Bluecoats (in development), and Blades of the Jhereg (in development and layout), but I’ll talk to John about putting together a Kickstarter update with something more concrete soon.


Another cool stretch goal is a novel set in the Blades in the Dark setting. The first novel, Silk and Silver, was written as a response to that stretch goal. The second one is out, and the third one is in editing and is anticipated to be out by the end of March.


Andrew’s novels are GREAT. I think every Blades fan will enjoy them.


Hi Sean- what’s the possibility of some of the KS material being made available to those of us who were too late for the original campaign? I’d happily pay for Blades of the Jhereg, for example.

Many of the stretch goals are available in other places but it all depends on the creators. Off the top of my head:

Band of Blades
Scum and Villainy
The Leech
The Spider
Illustrated Maps
City of Red Waters (if you contact Ash for playtesting)
Blades Against Darkness

And these aren’t available publicly yet, but I know the authors intent to release them after further revisions:

Womb of Night
Broken Crown
Sparrow’s Folly

As for Jhereg, I know that one needed special permission, so I think it’s only going to be for Kickstarter backers, but I’ll look into it.


That’s fair. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Awesome, super excited to crack into these!

I heard recently that there was a Rail Jacks stretch goal; assuming that’s correct, what’s the chance that will become available to non-backers in some form?

Terribly excited for Broken Crown, and sorry that I’m always such a nag about these things!

On the subject: any news on the U’Duasha front? I’d love to finally be able to buy that.

U’Duasha plans are in the works, but we don’t have an estimate on them yet. It’s a bit pot to stir.