Band of Blades AMA

(Stras) #61

Hey @Cullen_Lewis! Welcome to the Blades forums :slight_smile:

Breaking the Chosen definitely effects the god within. We can see that with Blighter and how Alchemy (which is tied to the divinity within) is now tainted. Or how the Breaking of Nyx caused the moon to shatter. What EXACTLY that means (how affected is the deity in question, can this process be somehow reverse) is a complex question that isn’t clear. What I can say is the Shreya believes that if you destroy a Broken the divnity inside will be freed. But she also lost the war she guaranteed she could win … so take that with a grain of salt ^_~

Old Empire tech is definitely a higher category of Alchemy. Old Arthur C Clarke quote and all (All sufficiently advanced technology…). Remember that they had understanding well past anything we have in the current calendar date (Or is slowly catching up though)…

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hiatt) #62

Wait wait wait, lemme get this straight.

You can have 6 stress (full track) without taking a trauma (you take trauma with your 7th).

But, filling your trauma bar (taking your 2nd trauma, or 1st for rookies) means you’re retired/dead?

My UX designer’s heart is hurting. Stras, why do you do this to me?

(Stras) #63

Hahaha, my bad. I think you’re right @Khierdan. That’s on me. I think it’s the 0-nature of Rookie trauma that threw me off, but that’s an excuse not a good reason.

(Daniel Hiatt) #64

No worries! I was just a bit confused when folks on Actual Play would say their second trauma would kill them (also different from BitD/S&V).

(Cullen Lewis) #65

Awesome thank you very much! Good old Shreya I am really interested to see how a game with her in plays.

Hope it’s cool to ask a follow up :slight_smile: If Blighter is corrupting alchemy does that mean old Empire Alchemy will also be getting corrupted and changed or is that part of a “different gods domain” for want of a better phrase ?

(Jeremiah) #66

So the million dollar question…

When can we expect the next campaign? :grin:

(Stras) #67

@Cullen_Lewis That’s the sort of question we leave up to the table and the folks there to decide ^_~

You can see that the transmission stone (Duresh special mission, old empire tech) has this problem, but that there is a different form of side-effects around the warding stones (Long Road). Could go either way or be tied to factors folks don’t understand really anymore (since almost nobody understands Old Empire stuff anymore).

I don’t know that this gets an official/canonical answer. Sorry! :smiley: On the other hand, feel free to make up whatever works for your group.

(Stras) #68

It’s a few thousand dollar question at best @pseudoidiot ^_~

Right now I’m enjoying working on smaller games and catching up on playing before our lives become consumed with another book. It’s going to be a bit. I think Throne is in queue before it.

What I can promise is that I’m excited, and we have a lot of the stuff outlined. So it’s a question of slotting it into the already hectic schedule :slight_smile: