Beam Saber: A game about Pilots and their massive War Machines

(Austin Ramsay) #21

I commissioned @SeaExcursion to make a #BeamSaber twitter bot that will randomly generate characters, vehicles, missions, and more on request. Please give it a whirl and @ me and Caro with any issues you run into.
You can find the instructions here!

(Austin Ramsay) #22

Friends At The Table have selected Beam Saber as their game for their sixth season, PARTIZAN!


Quick question – how is advancement for mechs handled? Is it the same XP advance as character advancement? (e.g. improve actions the same way as improving character actions with the same pool of XP?)

(Austin Ramsay) #24

Vehicle actions aren’t tied to the vehicle, but to the pilot, so those improve with Desperate actions or end of session XP. However, Vehicles have Quirks which let them resist consequences and push for extra dice/effect, and those can increase. There’s an Enhance track that is filled via the Upgrade downtime activity, and once that is filled the vehicle gets a new Quirk (starting with 4, up to a max of 8).


Thanks - So, this means 18 actions that need to be raised with XP?

(Austin Ramsay) #26

Correct. Quirks can also help generate XP if you struggle because of them.