BitD without BitD (or Gumshoe in Doskvol)

A few weeks ago I was in a party that made a one shot in blades in the dark (the one-shot night had the theme “the great heist”. But I love to switch things up and make them mor interconnected. So the next session was themed “metropolis” and I decided that the metropolis was Doskvol. But playing again BitD with another heist seemed too easy. So I modified the Gumshoe SRD character sheets and made them more BitD-y to have the real BitD roles and character types. But the party had to investigate the heist done in the previous one-shot by (almost only) different players (one was doing the new one, but he is also a dm and did only meta-gaming when it favored the purpose of the story, so everybody was having fun). It was lovely and the dynamics are very very interesting.

I now dream of multiple teams doing heists (tracking those heists internally both on map as well as for contacts and relations) and other teams doing investigations on the same heists and having the possiblility to generate a cat and mouse dynamic


One of my biggest inspirations while GMing Blades in the Dark was the video game Gunpoint, in which almost every mission’s goal is to negate the purpose of the previous mission.


Do away with heat and replace it with an opposing player group :stuck_out_tongue:

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or keep both but make the heat “cross-table” as a way to keep the connections but leave the indirection…