Blades Against the Darkness/Dylan Green


Excited for Blades Against the Darkness, love the look of the backer only download that I received as part of the BitD Kickstarter from years ago. I’ve been trying to find out more about the creator Dylan Green in order to see what he’s worked on in the past (other than the additional material listing in BitD). It looks like he had a Google Plus account but that’s obviously been shut down.

Anyone have a link to a blog/patreon or list of other projects? Cheers.

(Stefan Struck) #2

Maybe you find some contact data / hints in the G+ archive:

(Dylan Green) #3

Howdy! This is Dylan. Being myself, I can happily answer any questions you might have!

What did you want to know?


Hey Dylan! Primarily I was interested in what other projects you’ve worked on. Any other published games? I love Blades Against Darkness and would like to see what else you’ve put out.

Also, I’d love to run a playtest of BAD but seeing how you have it envisioned first would be excellent. Do you have any recorded playtests or know of any actual plays? Do you have any plans of running a playtest that could be signed up for?

Apologies for the question barrage, BAD has me very excited. It lead to me finally breaking down and picking up Darkest Dungeon in order to experience one of your influences first hand. :smiley:

(Dylan Green) #5

Well shucks… I’m glad you’re excited! If you get it to the table I would love to hear tell of your adventures.

I wish I had other works I could point you towards, but there is nothing noteworthy. If the glacial pace of this project wasn’t any indicator, Blades Against Darkness has been a journey of me learning about how to be creative. Trying to learn how to create has been something I’ve struggled with my whole life and Blades Against Darkness is me trying to “eat the elephant” all in one bite.

Regarding how to play the game, I’m unaware of any actual plays floating around on the internet. If there are any I’d love to hear about them.

Regarding guidance, I have some best practices written up that I’ll share… in a week or three… along with some other stuff :zipper_mouth_face:

Here’s a quick peek:

In the meantime, I’m happy to answer any questions anyone out there has about the game.

(sythmaster) #6

Thanks for sharing that tease, really loving the tone/vibe the sheet gives off with its font choice and aesthetic! Good luck pushing through! BAD is gonna be great when it gets out :slight_smile:

(Matt Horam (He/Him)) #7

Many bold strides are being taking in the blackness behind the forums! Good luck with it, Dylan, really looking forward to seeing a version which satisfies your vision. If it helps, I’ve loved everything you’ve put forth thus far, and will continue mining it for my home games in the meantime.

(Dylan Green) #8

@Syth I chose that font very deliberately. :wink: It’s the font from the Red Sonja opening text crawl and it took a little digging to find it.

@elstiko thank you for the kind words. I’m glad what I’ve written has given you stuff to work with. Are you running a fantasy blades game of your own?

In the mean time, I made roughly 2000k words of “how to run a game content” today thanks to @entropyrat giving me the nudge, so here’s hoping I can have a functional kit again soon.

(Matt Horam (He/Him)) #9

In a way?
I’m running Ironsworn in a version of Symbaroum’s Davokar as an All-Elves Casual West Marches Campaign with plenty of mental and aesthetic influence from your original beta alongside the unreleased Delve supplemental rules for Ironsworn.
…so I am treating it like a treasure-and-danger laden series of forays into a forest which has swallowed the ruins of prior civilisations, and there’s an otherworldly corruption tearing itself out through it, our characters just as vulnerable to that corruption as the flora/fauna/denizens around them.

(Dylan Green) #10

Excited news! There is going to be an actual play of Blades Against Darkness in June!

More good news! I’m scrambling to get a new playtest package together for the event. I’m about 4k words into writing the “how the hell do you use all this stuff” portion. So, stay tuned!


Sorry @CasterShell you posted all those updates and I just vanished for a few days. Work took over my life.

I would love love love to play in your AP if you have any open spots. Even if not possible I’m incredibly excited to see this taking off and am happy to help in any way possible.