I like Ironsworn, but find it too fiddly for my tastes. So I immediately started hacking it to lean on the tools I learned from Blades. Here’s the pitch:

​Bladesworn is an adaptation of Ironsworn that borrows heavily from Blades in the Dark. The changes are:

  • Fewer moves: Instead of the wide variety of moves in core Ironsworn, I’m using only three general moves:
  • Face Danger: Covers all the moment-to-moment rolls driven by your attributes.
    • Finish it: Covers all Progress Moves.
    • Suffer: Covers moves that tax resources (Health, Spirit, and Gear)
    • Fiction based progress: Using the factors scale, quality, and potency grounds progress in the fiction, enabling you to make progress faster if you have a better fictional position.
  • Simpler progress tracks: This optional system makes clocks easier to use and provides a linear difficulty curve.

Provided are nearly 10k words addressing how to adapt every move from the core game, how to adapt assets, and a worked example of play.

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