Call for Transport Score Stories

Friends! Bladespeople!
I want to hear about every time anyone has used the transport plan as a score.

I’ve done a total of one(1!) transport score, where the crew was getting Baszo Baz out of town after the war in crow’s foot. The route had an encounter going under a bridge where red sash assassins leapt onto the steamboat, then the plan was to get Baszo into a cart which required some social finagling past a blue coats customs checkpoint, and then a cart chase where Myleera Klev herself was pursuing them on horseback.

I think it was super cool the way that the geography of the score lead to very focused one obstacle at a time sequentially, but I want to hear if you’ve done this score type and tell me about how it went.

Curious to know if I’m the only GM who feels like this plan is the odd one out?


I have since run a short campaign with a group of smugglers. Probably the best advice I have is to have the map out and choose spots where things might happen. We did a score where weapons were being smuggled from gaddoc rail station to the roost in Crows Foot and the gang chose to use a hot air balloon. All I had to do was look along the route and determine good bad worst places for the balloon to drift and that’s where we started the score.