Chronicling my Glow campaign


Ok so there’s a reason I don’t want to clean my notes…

Jericho crits to gather info on the convou booms

convo blown a bit, lead vehicle
everyone gets damaged, restistances are done
cohort takes control of land trajin
Oni is missing again
eveyrones’s fucked a bit
Cohort is unharmed

Clutch drives over a buinch of dirtbikes but kills noone, they’re radicals

Oni kills bewm and disconnects hte last carriage
Savarra takes a bargain to reveal a weakness.
Savarra flashes Boom and traumas
Onmi pushes BOOM off hte train
Clutch tries driving over BOOM but faiiillls RESIIIISTS!
Boom is red mist.
the rest of the eneimes fuck off

ape empire demands they cease allying
Sevarra trieds diplomacy does so-s
Oni htreatens him with them being tough and they back ooff

the slaves are released and shit, escorted if they want to be by vehicle

We are still playing though, with a few sessions missed for vacations :stuck_out_tongue:


This campaign finished with a raid from the Ape Empire and the death of the emperor himself. Rest in pieces huge tentacle ape mutant :sob:

I haven’t been doing my homework. Turns out cleaning up game notes is super-boring :no_mouth:

(Adam Schwaninger) #23

Love it! I’m super happy you had a good time with Glow, and I hope you enjoy Fistful of Darkness!