Database of Blades Resources

Correct! Everything in the linked Airtable is based purely on the original rule book and officially-released expansion materials. There are additional details here and there from where I had to fill in the blanks or make tweaks for my crew’s character creation, but I’d say 98% of it is true to the official releases.

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Wondering if anyone has experimented with as a tool for tracking Blades games? I’ve just started and find many aspects that are superior to AirTable - mainly the complete flexibility and the ability to have “records” that don’t HAVE to have a zillon fields all defined for them.

Of course, the lack of database functionality is also a drag in some cases :(.

Anyone else testing this out?

Ok, love it. In use for my campaign now.
Only detail: The NPCs in the contacts (friend/rivals) list of each playbook are not all there.

True! Up for adding them in and resharing?

Hey there! Good catch from @SpaceDicer – I’ve now updated the linked Airtable with all of the Playbook/Crew allies/enemies (better late than never, eh)?

Side note – I’ve updated my home game’s Airtable with a bunch of new info from the Imperial City/U’Duasha expansions (along with improving some of the navigation/organization in general, as well as adding utility for tracking more than one group of players in the same world). Hoping to make a 2.0 public Airtable with everything, though it might take a while as a bunch of stuff in my current home database is full of non-canonical updates from all the sessions we’ve done now, and I’d like to be able to guarantee that any database I share with the community is at least 98% vanilla/canon.

tl;dr Wondering if enough people use this Airtable that investing the time to make those updates would be useful? Please let me know!


Totally awesome!