Deciding which Factions control different District areas

So, in the Crew Creation section of the book it says “Your hunting grounds don’t have to be in the same district as your lair. The area is small, only three or four city blocks—but it’s still an intrusion on someone. The entire city is divided among larger, stronger factions. The GM will tell you which faction claims the area…”

I was wondering if anyone had specific guidelines on how they divvy up the different districts among the various factions. Obviously The Crows are ordinarily ward bosses of Crow’s Foot in the starting situation, and that seems to imply other bosses elsewhere. Some of the information is in the faction write-ups under listed turf, but it’s also nebulous and ultimately up to your table. Do you have a tried and true method of determining this? Does it involve drawing on the map(s)? I bought those really cool detailed district maps for marking up in Roll20, but… I don’t know, I feel like I could use some help.


No definite answer, but check this thread:

This question is frequently asked. Maybe do a search in the subreddit.

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I guess just delete this topic then, my bad