Edgelord Assholes in Wonderland: A Paragon Playset (WIP)

I started to work on a Paragon playset and as of now I have lots of ideas (not written down yet) and a WIP cover.

The set is called Edgelord Assholes in Wonderland and it’s planned as a game about frustrated former friends trapped in cute bodies trying to find their way back home from Wonderland.
Touchstone: I hate Fairyland! by Skottie Young
Genres: Black comedy, adult cartoon

Content Warning: Kidnapping, cartoon violence, cartoon cruelty or animal death, drinking, drug abuse, swears and curses, cartoon violence, cartoon blood, cartoon murder and death and dying, frustration and cynism.

I started an itch page and you can find more infos there. Again, please note that this is all work in progress.


Here’s the cover to spark your curiosity…

Challenges for game design

  • Turn Bonds into Grudges and make them fun
  • Failing forward even if everyone is always putting obstacles in the way of their “friends”
  • Making friendship win over frustration (maybe) to bring them home in the end
  • Enable cool worldbuilding
  • Enable cool/kickass/fun characters

It all started with an innocent(?) birthday party…

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Oh wow. It’s incredible, really. I want a physical copy like that, now :smiley:

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Free choice of the party theme (modulo peer pressure and convincing the host of the party), so you may play as a group of badass bunnies.

To eleborate a bit regarding the picture: every player chooses what makes their PC unique and no other player can choose that for their PC. So, if you’re a group of eggs you may be the only one with hands … or a flamethrower … or a pair of cool sunglasses … or - to come back to this shot - your may be the only bunny with a cold-stare/evil eye or you end up as the guy who’s not a bunny at all but only wearing a costume. Your choice.