GMT (Saturdays 2pm in London) Group of Blades In the Dark

Hi I’m a GM looking for players to start a blades in the dark campaign. I’d had some people apply but wanted to give anyone on the community site a chance to apply. Note: We’ve had some US people apply which is fine but be aware we will be starting around 2-3pm in London (google it if its unsure what time that is for you)

Please include your full discord name or your roll20 name [if you are visible in the player directory] as i’ve had two people apply that didn’t leave either and can’t get in touch with them now :frowning:

Preferred Name: Lexi
Pronouns: They/Them/She
Time Zone: GMT
Times Available:
Saturdays 2pm in London
System(s) of Choice: Blades in the Dark
Text/Voice/Video/PBP: Discord (video preferred)
Platform: Roll20
Experience: 18+ players, LGBTQIA positive, Lines and Veils, No Blades XP Required
Notes: Long term GM looking for new [3-4] players to join a lo-fi chill blades group (2 Players already), well to DM me about if you have any issues:
Please fill out the google form:

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Hi, I am in eastern Canada but would be really interested in joining, had the book for a couple years, never managed to play it. Im very friendly and open.

Thank you for the consideration, and hopefully we shall play together !

Don’t know if you’re still looking for players, but I’m definitely interested. I’ve had the rule book for a couple of years now, and I’ve been devouring it lately because I’ve fallen in love with the setting and the game system. :heart_eyes: I’ve been role playing for just over 41 years now, and running various games for almost that long. Just filled out the Google Docs questionnaire.

(2-3pm in London is 8-9am US Central time, right? That works for me)

Hey, I’m based in Dublin. Don’t know if it’s too late or if your games full but would love to give this a shot if it’s still open. I filled out the google form.

Hi everyone and sorry if i’ve not been keeping an eye on this thread as much as I should. I’ve got a group thats been playing for a while and although the numbers have diminshed a bit since we’ve started there’s a good dynamic and not really actively looking for new players atm.

I appreciate everyone that filled out the forms and its made me think about what i would want to change in the signup sheet if i wanted to add players to an existing group (this was a fresh group form at the time)

I will post on here if we actively look for new members to join up or i run a new group in Duskvol in the near future :slight_smile: