Help to name the crew


Having a newspaper is invaluable for telling the players about faction stuff, and for letting them know their antics are getting attention. :wink:


Yes! I considered mocking something up over the summer, but after a few hours of doing layout, I realized I’d have to WRITE a page, too, and gave up. Guess I’m going with shouting street urchins, for the moment!

(The Void) #23

Don’t forget rumors in the paper, you can telegraph true or false information based on how well the crew is covering up their tracks (heat and opposing faction clocks can gauge this). Rumors also are a juicy way to add some unknown factors into a campaign.


My paper is just a separate board on Roll20 I’ve put some paper on and write crap articles on :stuck_out_tongue:

The text is just text field that I pasted a bunch of lorem ipsum into, except the stuff I actually wrote. Roll20 text fields are a bit of a butt to work with, you can’t set the width for example, so I write everything on one line per paragraph and use a handy online tool to limit the column width:
Experiment with a width that fits your needs, I think I used 33 wide.

(Matthew G) #25

The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) is a great heist film directed by Charles Crichton and featuring Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway.

Violet is a bit like lavender.

Lavender is Victorian era slang for (1) To be hidden from the police, (2) to be pawned, (3) to be put away, (4) to be dead.

Lots of good ideas up thread, but I’d be tempted towards a play on the Lavender Hill Mob for a name.

Regardless, consider checking out the movie if you’ve never caught it and put a bit of the old lavender slang in your Blades game. :wink: