Homebrewed Ship: The Aurora, a Science Vessel

I’m new to Scum & Villainy and FitD, but the idea of a grungy exploration-based storyline really appeals to me. Low and behold, but I found a post from a couple years ago here that had similar ideas. Orion_Anderson shared some awesome ideas I scavenged, and he’s totally credited in my draft. I’m sure it could use some refinement, but I tried to match the format and language of the existing starting ships and stay in line mechanically with them. I didn’t really use any of the established Procyon setting, to make it easier for myself and others to port this to homebrewed settings.

Here is a link to a Google Doc of my first version of the Aurora, my take on a science vessel for anyone interested - totally open to feedback and suggestions to improve it if anyone wants to share.


Hey, this is a really great write-up, especially for a first version. I can easily see myself running this. Thanks for the shout out.

Incidentally, this forum seems pretty dead but there’s a fair amount of activity on the Blades In The Dark Discord server. You might want to post this on the Scum and Villainy creations channel there.