Honored god and Maximum of Divine favor

I received same question from my friends several times about maximum of divine favor.

A-1. If a hero is honored by god in The vault of Heaven(Zeus, Hera, etc.), maximum of that Divine favor is 4.
A-2. If a hero is honored by god not in The vault of Heaven(Dionysus, Hestia, etc.), maximum of that Divine favor is 2.

B. Whoever be a Honored God, maximum of Divine favor is equally 2.

What is correct or usual?

Yes this sounds correct.

I’ll start wuth B. Yes, the Honored God box has 2 Divine Favor connected to it.

Going from there, if the player were to pick Zeus as their Honored God, then yes, they would be able to fill up 2 Divine Favor from the Honored God box, and another 2 from the regular Zeus box printed on their sheet, total of 4.

If they picked someone like Hades, who is not in the Vault of Heaven, then they would only be able to get 2 DF with him, since he does not have his own box on the character sheet.

Then if players want to get 4 Divine Favor of other god, they need to add or modify it in their team sheet and Vault of Heaven. Right?

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I’m positive about that - to me, if you are adding gods in your game that aren’t in the vault of heaven, you should add them on the hero’s sheet.