I'm writing some original Blades music

I’m GMing a Blades game with a bunch of Shakespeare actors from college and elsewhere – it’s wild, watching them play is a frigging delight – and I like to write original music for games I GM. These are the two first tracks I’ve written:



I’m working on a bunch more tracks for my friends but wonder 1) if people would have any interest in a Blades EP designed to be used as background for play and 2) if people have suggestions for scenarios or moments for which they’d like to have music.

Having fun thinking about it, thought I’d throw it to the community.


These are great! I’d love to hear more.

These are FANTASTIC. I would definitely be interested in hearing more songs.

As for suggestions:

  • Something longish and subtle that can be looped for the downtime phase
  • Something ethereal and strange for scenes with ghosts and/or demons
  • Something that the rich and fancy folks would dance and socialize to when the crew inevitably sneaks into their party

Also, and I acknowledge that this is a bit off-topic, but I would love to hear more about a bunch of Shakespeare actors playing Blades. That sounds incredible.

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Thanks! These are great suggestions!

I totally agree about some longer, loopable tracks. I’ve got a couple that I used last session, I just want to extend them a bit! I’ve got a high-class decadent waltz I’m working on, but need to do more ghost stuff. The closest I did was a track called ‘Electroplasmic Rail’. I’ll maybe post some more as I feel like they’re good enough.

The group is awesome. They’ve come up with a great bunch of characters – a masochistic, anarchist pugilist (say that three times fast!) whose vice is getting the shit beat out of him in the fighting ring; a flamboyant bohemian spider who is capable of being both charming and ruthless; a disowned nobleman desperate to get back into his family’s good graces; and a former field medic who loves tinkering with alternative medicine. It’s fun to just let them loose to roleplay.


Awesome stuff!

Those are awesome! I can’t wait to hear more!

Thank you for posting this. I enjoy both of these pieces. As for suggestions beyond what’s been suggested

  • music to set a dramatic and tense scene to
  • fight music
  • something that might be heard in the Night Market during the end of month holiday

Good luck with your group.

An update: I’ll probably make another post about this when I have the art and everything, but I’m gonna be releasing a full album of music I’ve written for our game. Current plan is to title it LEVIATHAN IN THE HARBOR: MUSIC FOR A HAUNTED CITY so it can be used generally in games in the style! The plan is to have ~13 tracks, with a variety of ambient tracks and combat tracks etc! I hope it’ll be useful for roleplayers. It’ll be available to stream and I guess to buy if people do that anymore


I really like the tracks you’ve posted (and I’ve bookmarked your YT channel) - if you do release the album on Bandcamp (or wherever) I’d happily pay for it!

We gotta thank you for this, it is a great tool to have.

Is it okay if I use it in a game and record it to put it on YT?

Steve, thanks so much! I’ll definitely post wherever it ends up!

Damascus – thanks, man! I’d love for this to be useful to people playing their own game! I’d just ask that if you use my music that you credit me and, if possible, put a link to my stuff in the description of your video!