Increasing Hold

My question is : How does a crew increase their hold ?

I know when you tier up it sets to weak from strong. How then does that weak hold become strong?

Does the crew have to fill their rep tracker? Is it a score ?

Thanks in anticipation

Filling up the rep track again brings the crew from weak to strong.
Please correct me someone if I’m wrong but I think you don’t have to pay coin for it.


Thanks for your response

Yeah I think you only pay coin when you increase Tier.

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That’s all correct. See


You need 12 rep to fill the rep tracker on your crew sheet. When you fill the tracker, do one of the following:

  • If your hold is weak, it becomes strong. Reset your rep to zero.
  • If your hold is strong, you can pay to increase your crew Tier by one. This costs coin equal to your new Tier x 8. As long as your rep tracker is full, you don’t earn new rep (12 is the max). Once you pay and increase your Tier, reset your rep to zero and reduce your hold to weak.
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