Interesting Cocktails

As many of you know, I’m something of a whisky and cocktail aficionado. Figured I’d share some good recent experiments (both my own and some local mixologists’). Feel free to jump in and share.


  • 1.5 parts Old Tom gin
  • 1.5 parts Finlaggan whisky
  • 3/4 parts Sweet vermouth
  • Abbott’s bitters

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled.
Strain into a chilled coupe.

Equal parts Finlaggan and Braulio (sub. any bitter amaro)
Mix in a chilled whisky tumbler.

The Dead of Night
(by Bryn at Artusi)
Bourbon, Borsci Liquore, Braulio, Townshend’s Bluebird, Cardamom bitters

My Sherry Amor
(by Bryn at Artusi)
Sherry Cask Rye, Amaro Abano, Rabarbaro, Berto Rosso

The Strong Silent Type
(by Bryn at Artusi)
Rye, Mirto‏ Amaro, Angostura, Salers

Fennel Vision
(by Aaron at Artusi)
Big Gin Barrel-Aged, Finocchietto, Bordiga Rosso, Spanish Bitters

(by Kevin at Adana)
Noble Oak Bourbon, Sidetrack Nocino, Pecan Syrup, Angostura bitters


That Daisho sounds amazing.

I’ve got some ideas for an Eye of Kotar, but I don’t have the booze to test it out :-/

The idea: flavored ice sphere (probably cherry and elderflower) in a glass of barrel-aged gin & lillet blanc w/ a cherry syrup float/splash on top.

Then again, the Eye,Hand, and Heart of Kotar seems like a 3-shot and your out for the evening type of flight. :stuck_out_tongue: So maybe those are shooters… :thinking:


If you want to go for the pun the Heart of Kotar could be Cynar based


(by Craig and Lisa at Plenty of Clouds)

Red Panda is Somewhat Fierce
Campari, soju, vermouth blanc, baijiu

Smoke & Mirrors
Rye, lapsang souchong, hibiscus, bitters

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Love all of the Amaros!

My current drink of choice matches the Blades aesthetic: a Black Manhattan. It’s 2 parts rye, 1 part Averna, and 2-3 dashes of angostura. Serve in a coupe glass.

Speaking of coupe glasses - have you tried the Nick and Nora style glasses? They’re 3-4 ounces, so you can imbibe without piflication…wry grin. Plus, anything that brings back The Thin Man has to be good!

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We now need a Whiskey and Bells stream, just sayin

A while back a friend (Tetromino#1974) and I created this in the Discord server and we made a little handout. Would love if someone would put recipes to the names and descriptions!

Though to be fair, one of these times I am planning on taking this into a bar and asking them to make something strictly based on the description. :slight_smile:!Aore9K0r1f65rjFcp1hwdIaJZKw1

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Yes, we use the Nick and Nora glasses all the time at home. They’re great. Here’s a Brightstone in one.


Perfect glasses and I’m totally going to put that on my shopping order

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I invented the Velodrome Cocktail, a tribute to the wood track bicycle racing culture of the late 19th century.

1 oz St George Terroir Gin
1 oz Boomsma Genever
1 oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry

Stir with ice, strain.
Serve ungarnished in a chilled glass.

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