Interrogate - Simple Spymaster Assignment - a quick question!

Easy one (I hope) for the Interrogate simple assignment, does the Spymaster ask a question or the Commander. I am guessing the Spymaster, but clarification would be appreciated :smile:

Interrogate: Look at the Commander’s list of intel questions. Your spy is sent on a mission and can answer one question from any list (regardless of the Commander’s intel total) whenever missions are presented by the GM.

The rules imply the Spymaster (via their spy) gets to ask the question. Obviously, the Spymaster can hand that over to the Commander to decide (“So what information did you ask the Spymaster to have Bortis acquire?”), but the Spymaster might have their own plans and ideas and want to ask their own question(s).

Thanks mate, that’s my interpretation too.