Is GMless play a thing?

Looking for some info on GMless BiTD, I came across this old post.

Nothing in the book though. Was it implemented in any way? I don’t have any issues with mechanics and fan supplements are there, it’s just good to know the author acknowledges those playstyles and had them in mind during development.

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I too had read that post, several years ago, and had taken the excuse to play a campaign with a friend of mine. A campaign that I also recorded and turned into a podcast (unfortunately only in Italian).

In case anyone is interested, the first episode can be found here:

Nothing in the rule book.

There are GMless play rules on itch that I haven’t tried:
I feel like I’ve seen at least one solo play ruleset too, but I can’t find it atm.

Other solo tools like the Mythic GM Emulator could ofc also be used:

But no, nothing in the book unless I’ve completely missed them.

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