Is there a way to get hi-res, printable map files?

I’ve been trying to find good, high-res map files so I can make Duskwall and Shattered Isles corkboards, but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I’ve found highly detailed expansions upon the existing map, references to Kickstarter rewards that don’t seem to be available elsewhere, purchasable packs for Roll20 that are mostly comprised of digital assets, photos of people’s printed out maps for their own games, and a lot of dead links, but nowhere do there seem to be simply hi-res files of the maps from the book.
Now, I’m not especially skilled at finessing files; it might be there’s some very simple way to print the maps straight from the PDF that I don’t know. But if not, is there anywhere I could get these? Are there supplements available that have them?
I’m hoping I can find something that would fit decently on a 17" x 23" board, and ideally on a 23" x 33", though I’ve accepted I might just have to scrounge up a projector of some sort and trace that one. Is what you’re looking for.

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Sorry. Posted too soon. This is what you need for a Duskvol map. Not sure there is a high res one of the shattered isles.

Thank you for the link! I think those maps are really cool, and a great example of the kind of communal creativity that drew me to Blades in the first place! Unfortunately, they don’t really suit what I had in mind. As much as I admire that project, I prefer the potential in the vagueries of the default map. I’m not looking for more detail and locations, just a version of a high enough resolution that I could print it at a fairly large size. I appreciate your help though; I might try using some of those maps in my next game!

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The players kit (in the resources>downloads section of the BiTD website) has a page for each of the maps you’re looking for. I printed the Duskvol map at 11x17, and it worked well.

monkeyEcho, another frequent poster on this forum, designed a great version of the Duskvol map that works well for larger prints. You can reach out to him for the files. There’s a forum thread about it that you can track down with the search function.

Actually – I see now that he’s added the map to his free asset pack for the game. It’s here:


That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so, so much! It sounds like I might also need to find a better printer, though; the map I printed from the Player Kit was almost too light to see in some sections. This map is perfect though, it’s even all pretty and stylized. I’m going to get it printed and mounted on my corkboard first thing Monday morning.
(Also, apologies for the long response time! My life gets very busy around Easter. Glad this site sends reminder emails for that!)

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