It's going to be A Fistful of Darkness this time!


Two seasons in Doskvol, then one in the wastelands of Glow in the Dark (link), and our group is moving to yet another genre: WEIRD WEST!
Here’s a link to the A Fistful of Darkness topic:

We’ve actually already done three sessions already, and the players have a posse of amoral (on average) Bounty Hunters, getting into trouble.

I just finished up some more clutter on the gameboard, I’m trying some new stuff. I’ve added unnamed clocks for the player to see, job offers are poster glued onto the wall with flour glue (cheapest way to stick paper to a wall in the late 1800’s), but I’m moving away from posters to weekly notes by (presumably) the player characters.
Always experimenting.

(Stefan Struck) #2

Oooooh, this looks great. Great map, great NPC Pictures (Lone Rider is exactly my choice, too), great ideas (pinning Faction description to the desktop is very cool), great everything! Holy Weapons! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback @Tubal this is very helpful. See, I have to change something to make it perfect! :slight_smile:

Hope you have more fun with the setting and big thank you for pinning cool pictures and playing my game.


They’re gonna have to pull some jobs to actually GET the Holy Weapon and informants… and I think I’ve got some bad shit waiting for them.

The Black Rider is actually an undead cowboy, it just doesn’t show up well with the filters I use :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a black, mostly transparent, gradient as a separate image on top of the map layer. After the session I’ll move the bright white note paper from the token layer to the map layer and it will darken and become part of the background. A little trick for ya :wink:
I’m just layering on more and more paper as the game progresses, it’s part of the concept I have for the gameboard.


Hint: Rolling Copy on the daemonic aspect table and watching a comedy drawing video featuring Tsathoggua has mixed together into a black sludge that I will paint the w̴̳̘o҉̩̤̘͉r̫l̘d̬͇̞͓̳͔̜ with.