[LFP] New Long Term Blades in the Dark Campaign [Online]

I am a fairly new GM and this will be my first time running a full campaign. We will be playing in the Blades in the Dark system.

I have two players already on board, and we are hoping to add a few more to our group to get started. Currently we are looking at session starting around 10 AM EST every other Saturday. Tentatively we will start the campaign sometime towards the middle or end of February once we have a full group and have had time to discuss some important campaign elements.

If this sounds like a campaign you would be interested in joining, please contact me and we can discuss how well the fit would be for the group.

Small introduction:

This campaign of Blades in the Dark will be a long term campaign following the progress of your criminal (or otherwise) enterprise as they try to rise through the ranks of Doskvol society. Your crew will constantly be pressed from multiple sides, by the underworld of Doskvol, by the Bluecoats (the police of Doskvol), and the large noble families of Doskvol. The campaign will start with the crew just arriving in the city, and looking just to establish a foothold in a city that wants to see you fail. Your job is to survive, and thrive despite the odds.

Hey - I’m new to the system as well and been looking for a group to join to learn the ropes! I’m GMT based which I hope ain’t an issue?

Good morning (at least from London),

I am also newish to the game, having tried to run one session as game master (which went quite well but then my friends did not continue playing).

If you are still looking for someone to join in please let me know!

If this is too late I hope you smashed some drug smuggling and arcane powered rituals!