Looking for GM's for specific things, read below

Hi, I’m Carl and I’ve not played or GMd a game of this system yet, had the book since pre pandemic. What I wanted to ask/offer is maybe a bit ambitious but could be worth it. On a first phase I’m getting reading to start my own game. Still looking to play in one for experiences. Once my skills are sharp, I wanted to gather a crew of DMs to have a campaign with many groups simultaneously on the same map. Every DMs responsible for their group and district at first but when things picks up then the fun can begin as other gangs wont be just npc with relatively predictable outcomes. In all honesty I couldnt do it alone even If i wanted to, thats why I call for help. Experienced DM with the system. Maybe a Master DM overlooking a bit of everything and a group or something like that.

Anybody would be into that. (no rush, I dont need to start this yesteday)

Thank you

Interesting idea, but if I were you I would GM at least 2 different campaigns, and play in at least 2 different campaigns, before even considering it :slight_smile:


I can only agree with that,

I just had that Idea for a bit in different systems. And know it would take a long time to put together so I thought it wouldnt be a bad thing to ‘‘ask’’

Im on the edge of DMing my first Bitd game, Ive dm before in like dnd and other systems. I know its very different :slight_smile:

I watched 3 different full games on Youtube/twitch aswell.

BUT all that said, I did asked publically to get some sort of feedback and you know what, I will wait until i DM 2 games and play in 2 ( AT LEAST ) :stuck_out_tongue: Ill see how this thread evolves too (if it does) and otherwise will see.

Well I was thinking about short campaigns of course, I was not implying that you should play Blades for years before attempting this :slight_smile: