Losing/Regaining Tier

My Tier 3 Bravos crew has put themselves in a spot where they are likely to lose at least one Tier in the coming sessions and I’m trying to get a handle on how to judge the fallout.

They have War Dogs, so that’s not the issue. I’m more curious about what should be involved when they attempt to regain lost Tiers. Should they have to pay all over again, or should they get some kind of pass on the coin expense?

Are they losing Tier based solely on story events? If that’s the case, I would allow them to regain the Tier based solely on story events (assuming the story actually supported it). They’ve already complied with the mechanical requirements, and it seems unfair to charge them again for the same mechanics. This also applies if they’re losing tier because they are at war: the book says they’re supposed to only lose tier temporarily.

If it’s some other mechanic, can you elaborate on why they are losing tier?

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Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. As it turned out, the crew managed to avoid losing Tier, so the issue never came to pass.

I agree though, that tier loss should be temporary and not be charged twice.

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