Low Stakes Agon

Phenomenal session of Agon played with a group of friends last night. We were hanging out, debating whether to play an easy board game, watch a movie, or do something else chill, and I happened to have my Agon book and some dice in my bag, so we decided to print some character sheets and play through the first island, Kryos. Everyone was feeling goofy, so we were all having fun with character creation (shout out Krunkulus), and the contests devolved into absolute shenanigans–The best part is, none of it broke the game! The island ended in the group trying to seduce the Harpies into a false sense of security before killing them by means of a strip tease contest, and it all still worked. Even awards at the end were a riot with one player giving another a mark in Grace for “Having the humility to hide that rocking bod and those sick dance moves.” We all agreed that we hadn’t laughed that hard in months.

Just coming here to rave about how versatile this game is, and how perfect it can be for a two-hour impromptu session. Nobody was expecting to play an RPG, and it turned into a night we’re sure to be talking about for a long time.