My Roll20 setup

thank you!!

I have the clocks figured out…but how DO you make those great QM tokens/graphs on the right?

They’re all just built as standard tokens in Roll20. I spent a few hours looking through clipart and free images to find the token images and then edited the token attributes so that they’d work like the materiels on the QM sheet.

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I put my clocks and districts in a rollable table. That way you can essentially flip through what is there by right clicking on them and selecting what you need for that moment. You can also roll that table to randomize the result.


This is a playmat I’ve been working on. Probably get it’s first test run tomorrow (the gods willing). Will be able to work out the kinks after I see it in play.


Is that hot cocoa or tea though? And who spilled it on the map?!:thinking:

Where do you get your assets? Like the knife and stuff. I’ve had trouble finding images of things from the top like that.
I guess you could be making them yourself but I’m hoping for a source I can get stuff from too :wink:

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Hey Tubal, they assets mostly come from here: Vile Tiles


OIC, cool :+1:

I used the Theatre of the Mind roll20 pack for my Skydagger Keep setup. Highly recommend it for Forged in the Dark storytelling.


Hey @fictionalbeing, I like your setup. I do have a question though. How did you include little rules snippets, I assume that asset pack doesn’t come with Band of Blades rules specifically but it almost looks like you got a page right out of the pdf.

I’m looking to set something like this up myself, I’d love any tips or pointers you might have.

Hey @Logicon211, yup I took a snapshot of the particular rule in the book and put it in Photoshop (where I collaged some of this). Most everything on my “war table” is from either the rulebook or Vile Tiles, which can be purchased on Roll20.

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Awesome thank you!

I don’t suppose it’s difficult to do? I’ve messed with photoshop a bit in the past, I could try googling it up a bit. What would that particular technique or effect be called (if you remember)?

  • Take a “Snapshot” in Acrobat/Fox-it or similar PDF program. Selection/Copy also works.
  • Open your base image (map, background, etc.) in photoshop.
  • Paste the Snapshot. In Photoshop it will come in as a new layer.
  • Each layer of Photoshop can have a Blending Mode applied. See the Layer Palette, towards the top left. Dropdown says Normal, Dissolve, Darken, etc. Choose the effect you think works best (Multiple is a common solution).

Thats pretty much it. You could build you entire war table in Photoshop, or you could bring it into Roll20 in pieces (what I did). Hope that helps!

Taking inspiration from everyone here, I put together something for my (now) online game. Note the player graffiti.

I also made a loading screen for giggles.


Hello everyone!

Well, I wanted to share my table as well and thank this thread for the inspiration. Also, I created some rollable tokens for the clocks and I thought about sharing them too (at least the .gif files), but I received a warning about the number of files and the fact that I’m a noob in this forum. As soon as I can attach many files to one message, I will drop by again and share the clocks.



Your table looks amazing!

See if you can upload more images now.

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Well, so here are the gif files for the countdown clocks, hope they are useful for you:

The 4 ticks clock
clock_4_0 clock_4_1 clock_4_2 clock_4_3 clock_4_4

The 6 ticks clock
clock_6_0 clock_6_1 clock_6_2 clock_6_3 clock_6_4 clock_6_5 clock_6_6

The eight tick clock
clock_8_0 clock_8_1 clock_8_2 clock_8_3 clock_8_4 clock_8_5 clock_8_6 clock_8_7 clock_8_8


Awesome looking table! You can also share the .gifs via a public Dropbox folder, or similar service. (Also, I see you used my cards on the gametable – it’s so cool to see them in the wild! Glad they’re useful.)

They are better than useful. I’m still a bit of a noob GM for FitD games, so this help was super-handy, and it helped also my players a lot so I don’t need to keep on reminding them about all the options they have to boost their rolls.
And… I just realized playing the other day that we need a 10 clock. Otherwise, they will never make it to skydagger keep. Actually, even with the 10 clocks I still have my doubts. It feels that time will be such an issue.

Well, here the 10 clocks:
clock_10_0 clock_10_1 clock_10_2 clock_10_3 clock_10_4 clock_10_5 clock_10_6 clock_10_7 clock_10_8 clock_10_9 clock_10_10


I updated my tabletop, adding space for a map and another position/effect tool (from th