My Roll20 setup

Mixed cool stuff from others to make mine:

If anyone wants the squad avatars as alpha pngs, let me know.


I took the clocks from @Pablo_Vega and cleaned them up a bit, and added a 12 clock:

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I see another spanish-speaking Blader!

¿Grabáis las partidas, Pablo? ¡Me encantaría poder ver alguna!

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Me temo que no, juego con mis colegas de toda la vida y somos unos viejales. En realidad, esto de que hayan aceptado jugar en línea ha sido solo por lo del COVID-19. Si les digo de grabar partidas igual les da un síncope.

Hi!, I’m afraid not, I play with my old buddies and we are a bunch of old farts. Actually, just the fact that they accepted to play online was only due to COVID-19. If I ask them to record the sessions they may have a stroke.


Heh, I understand. I’m an old timer too, the switch from tabletop to Roll20 took about 3 sessions to click (the first ones were a disaster), but currently I find it very interesting, and even better for some things (upkeep and paperwork is infinitely easier, for example, and I can use concept art and music as ambience for each different scene easily. I’ve got about 4-5 different environments per location and that generally covers anything the players may want to visit).

I’ve found recording really helps with checking the strong and weak points of the game afterwards, helping make a conscious effort to improve.

All in all, I’m so glad to find another spanish FitD player. The games are almost unknown here, which is a shame, because all campaigns and one shots I’ve played have been really successful. If you’re up for it, I’d love to exchange notes on the game some time. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of using this as my gameboard for Roll20, with the beads and coins as moveable objects.


May I ask how you made the portrait cards?

Of course! It’s super later here but I’ll post tomorrow morning on where I got them and how I edit them.

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So the initial post and person that I pulled this link from I am not sure where or from when, I believe they are from the old G+ files that I pulled into my resource Discord server.

What I do is take my players images for their characters and edit filters first then I pop it into 3D Paint and add the image and the text beneath the cards. I recently began using Krita so will likely use that in the future. Recently I adjusted my current campaign game board which I will post here :slight_smile:

Changes made in relation to a recent RP scene I wrote and wanted to telegraph that more to my table. Please note the GM note section was moved elsewhere in the Roll20 journal and I still need to add the weather and character clocks.

RP Scene here


Thanks so much!

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Very cool and well done!

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I’m in the woods so I can’t verify, but I’m fairly sure the card templates are from A Fistful of Darkness. :thinking:

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Yes that sounds about right though my memory is fuzzy on the exact place I got them

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Yes, part of the free package


I believe it is possible to clone all the macros and stuff from an existing BoB d20 campaign. Is there someone who has a really nice set of settings who doesn’t mind me cloning their settings for my game?


I don’t think you can do that…?

It looks to me like you can? You can either Copy the entire campaign (and then edit what you want), or you can use the Transmogrifier to duplicate elements of a campaign. I’m a Roll20 noob so I don’t know how to do these in practice, but the documentation is there.

EDIT1: I set up rollable table tokens with clock images, and then tried copying my campaign. The tokens and tables ported 100%. I’m not sure what else is worth porting, but it seems like anyone making a new campaign could save a lot of time copying an existing campaign.

Hey Greyorm! I really love the little cards with the rules reminder text, as well as the book with logistics tracking and the squad sheet with casualty tracking. Any chance you could share all of that? Either sharing your campaign link so I can come by and clone it (not sure how it works if I don’t have the graphic assets in my library, but curious to try) and/or throw the assets in a sharable drive?

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99% certain you can’t move stuff between accounts.

I wish you could, because I have a good one for Burning Wheel I’d love to share

Hi Alexander! Thanks!

I didn’t have anything I could share, so I threw something together quick this morning. Hopefully these are Roll20-usable – let me know if I need to change anything:

There are clocks I created for Roll20 in there, too, and those definitely work (I use them).

BTW, a PDF of all the cards (including ones not on the gameboard) is on the Google drive (and on my site: ) Those are really for in-person play, though, and I’ve made some slight alterations to wording recently so this doesn’t have the latest versions (but they’re all functional).

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