Neon Black - Cyberpunk Forged in the Dark

(Michael Elliott) #21

Hey! Thanks for the kind words!

You can get Neon Black on
You can also get a free download code by subscribing to my work on Patreon at the $10 level. When you do that you’ll also get free download codes for my smaller RPGs like Spooky Action at a Distance and World Maker.

But if a money is an issue for you and you’d like to lead your friends in pretending to steal and redistribute wealth shoot me an email ( and I’ll send you a free download code, no questions asked.

(Michael Elliott) #22

Neon Black is now version 4.2. I’ve updated the rule book, playbooks, and faction sheet. Mostly minor changes like rewording special abilities and filling in missing text.

Here’s a link to the devlog post for those interested.

(Ethan Gardam) #23

What about anarchist for a crew type.

(Michael Elliott) #24

I like it. Currently I think the Punks mostly cover that in Neon Black, they get bonuses for targeting corporations, being at war with them, and finding alternate methods of income. I might lean more heavily into that area with their crew assets, but I think if folks wanted to play a group of anarchists the Punks would be a great place to start.

(Michael Elliott) #25

Hey folks!

I just wanted to note I see that people are still trying to access the older version of the game linked in the original post. I can’t edit that post to point to the proper space to access Neon Black. That version in the original post is no longer available, and all updates and releases of Neon Black are available on its page:

(Michael Elliott) #26

Version 5.0, the Capitalism Sucks update, is now live on Neon Black’s page.

Engage in Capitalism to buy corporate products, Reach Out to your friends to get favours, and Reset when you’re off the clock instead of indulging in vices.

The complete change log can be found here.

(Seeds34 ) #27

Apologizes, maybe not the most correct place to ask this but did you run Neon Black last year at SHUX? I ask as I’ve been looking out for a Forged in the Dark Cyberpunk game and then remembered I played one at SHUX and this looks very familiar.

(Michael Elliott) #28

I did! I’ll also be running it this year at SHUX as well.

(Seeds34 ) #29

That’s good I found the right one then, i’ll go have a look at your ichio site in a bit. I’d love to have a game of it again this year but we can’t make SHUX this year.

(Michael Elliott) #30

The latest version of Neon Black will be at SHUX 2019 in Vancouver this October!

If you’re going to be there drop on by and say hello, or sign up to participate in a 2 hour-ish one shot!

Sign up is live on the SHUX forums.