Neon Black - Cyberpunk Forged in the Dark

Update: Version 6.2 - Notoriety and Digital Playbooks

'Sup cyberpunks.

Today’s update includes lots of different changes. Lots of player and crew special abilities have been modified and reworded. Wanted Levels are now Notoriety, since that felt like it fit the them a bit more, as well as the possible repercussions in the entanglement table. There’s also a new timeline of events to help players situate themselves in the default world of Neon Black. Welcome to the year 2199!

There are also new digital playbooks! Neon Black has strayed far away enough from Blades that the Roll20 sheets weren’t really cutting it, and I saw what other creators were doing with Google Sheets so I made some playbooks for everyone to use on the 'Net.

Feel free to copy and modify for use in your own game of Neon Black.

The full changelist for v6.2 can be found here.

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Update: Version 6.3 - Text Complete

This is a very special update so I’m basically just going to say here what I said on the page:

With this updated (v6.3) Neon Black is now text complete. What does that mean? Well as of right now, there are no major updates or missing pieces in Neon Black. Everything I want in the rules is present and accounted for. There may be fixes and updates in the future but as of right now everything that I’ve ever had on the to-do list to add to the game is completed. Does this mean the game is finished? No. I would like to hire people to work on my game to make it better: artists, graphic designers, sensitivity readers, etc. but all of those services are outside of my budget. Now I can pitch the game to publishers and see if they will carry me the rest of the way. If not, I may kickstart this game myself. We’ll see.

To help get me there if it comes to it, Neon Black will be increased in price on June 1st from $10 to $15 to reflect it’s increased size and near final state. $15 for over 67,000 words still seems like a deal to me.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has commented, bought the game, given me feedback, or even acknowledged that myself or this game existed. I would not have gotten here without you.

The full list of changes can be found on the devlog.


Hey cyberpunks,

So the last time I updated the game I was confident that Neon Black was in it’s final stages and would be receiving no more major updates going forward. I recently sent the Neon Black manuscript to my first choice of publisher and received some really great detailed feedback. The feedback centered on two points:

  1. This game does not build on or significantly change anything in the core blades experience.
  2. The principles of the game “Capitalism sucks, community rules, etc.” are, by and large, not reinforced mechanically in the game’s rules.

I agree with this feedback. Right now Neon Black, as I see it, wants to address the evils of the rich, corporations, and capitalism, but paints the characters as grimdark scoundrels seeking their own ways to gain wealth. I would much rather this game be about stealing from the rich to help disenfranchised and marginalized people in the player characters’ community. This will require a lot of work on my part, and the next version of the game will look substantially different than the current version. I’m continuing to test the game as I make changes, but I want to be confident in a new framework before releasing anything here, so it may be a while before you see a new version of Neon Black.

As always, thanks to everyone who has supported me and the game. Couldn’t have gotten here without you.