OMM Blades - Welcome here?

I was wondering if players or GMs of the One More Multiverse version of the game are welcome here to discuss or recruit players. I’m hoping to GM some games on that platform, and I also bought the book version. I feel I could learn from the broader community. I just don’t want to bring it up to much if it is a sore spot with people. Thanks!


Welcome! I don’t think people care what platform you use. What matters is being a kind and helpful member of the community.


And the platform looks cool. The integrated databases are something I’ve been looking for. I ended up creating airtable databases to try and do the same thing, but not as well!

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I just bought OOMxBlades and am planning to run some games sometime, but also looking for a group to play with!

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I’m actually quite curious about what it offers over Foundry and Fantasy Grounds.