One shot on 1/23 (PST)?

Greetings scoundrels.

This is a last minute shot in the dark but here we go. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in pulling together an online one shot for Blades in the Dark on 1/23 sometime in the afternoon/evening PST. I have been devouring the books, forum posts, and actual play media for BitD and would love to sink my teeth into a session. I am an experienced GM and player but have not played this system myself. I am happy to GM tomorrow but would also gladly concede the role if someone more experienced wanted to run things. I have a little crew and starting heist set up we could play through but if the group was feeling ambitious I’d love to go through the character/crew creation process but I understand that’s not typical for one shots.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Wish you’d posted this with more notice. I would have completed my downtime actions for the weekend and done a flashback to distract my wife/fellow scoundrel.

Haha, sorry about that. The whole thing was very last minute