Hi, John (and Sean)!

AGON is a wonderful wonderful system, especially 2e (though I lament the loss of my Spear d8/d6 and Shield d6 from 1e. Ah well!)

If one were to make, say, a magical girls reskin, is it okay to link it on this board (or post a link to it on Twitter), even if it’s just ultimately a Google Docs document? I have absolutely no experience in making PDFs, so Google Docs is about as close to desktop publishing as I’m gonna get, sadly.


Yep, that’s fine.

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Hello John,
Sorry for “digging up” the post, but I’m interested in creating a supplement/campaign and I have a question.

One of the guidelines states that you cannot reproduce any material from the Agon RPG book, but I want to know if I can transcribe material from the free Player Kit.

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Hello! I’m going to make a game with Paragon System and I have a lot of doubts. Can you help me with them?
SRD page 8: Strengths: Can you have more than two charges in a particular Strength? Can I write it twice or more in the sheet?
Page 10: “Mark 1 Grit to include the die from a second Domain in your pool” Can you give me an example of this? How can it be justified narratively?
Page 12: What happens if you suffer in an Ardous or Challenging test?
Page 17: “Gain 3 charges to assign to your Strengths”. Can you have more than the four initial Strengths?
Page 18: This Fate Scale is diferent than the sheet one, what is correct? If I only have four benchmarks in the Fate Scale, how I can earn five or more boons?
Page 21: Spending a Bond: Help you is Bolster inthe sheet. What is correct? Isn’t that too similar to support?
Page 24: I can’t find Homecoming in the rest of the document.
I miss a more empty sheet file and in another more editable format than the pdf. Also a guide on how to create Showdowns, especially how to create opponents and what dice to award them. The Sample hazard helps to understand what they are like, but not to create one from scratch.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, John!
I’ve tested Chamber today and that was awesome. But I had one question: what competition can be between agents?

After the game it dawned on me: agents have different orders! One agent think that SRM must be destroyed, but the other one has order to contain this SRM.

Big request, could you add more information about competition in Chamber and another playsets?