Portland/Vancouver Scum and Villainy

Hello friends,

I’m a huge fan of the system and love running the variations, particularly scum and Villainy but I’m open to any of the big three. Are there are local cats that would be into meeting bi-weekly or monthly for an ongoing conflict with the empire? Or the reavers? Or maybe we’re the OPA? Open to any setting the players prefer as long as we have decent knowledge or someone willing to be our designated loremaster and explain.

I generally introduce players to the game (and ttrpg for the matter) but I’m open to players of all skill and experience levels. I also don’t have strong feelings about group size.


Hello. I am super into this idea and have been slowly writing a similar concept. I would love to play, but I am in Seattle. So if you decide to go virtual let me know!

Given the interest (or lack thereof) I’ve gotten locally I’d be open to driving up for games in Seattle. I’d rather not go virtual as I feel that really limits the improv opportunities. Normal ttrpgs you feel it a little, in a game like this I feel it a lot.

Maybe plan for a session in early/mid January?

Right on- I hear you, I am cool either way, but know lots of folks who feel like you do. Let’s see if we can round up some players and then I am game to give it a try. I could post it on the Seattle D&D and RPG meetup if you like (or you can totally join as there are people from other states). Let me know how I can help.

Oh - forgot to look/ask - did you post it in the Discord?

That sounds great! I wasn’t aware there was a discord, I’ll get on there and post something.