Protect, help and using the Epithets

Sorry to revive the forum in 2022, but you never know when you’re going to start playing a particular game. I have several doubts that I have not been able to clear with the forum or with the faqs of the Spanish edition.

First things first: when an enemy is mythical or holy… can you spend a bond for a teammate to defend you from that “damage”? Technically it appears in the same section and the links are there for it so…

Then, when you actively help another teammate, you are contributing your skill die to him… must it be the SAME one used on that check? Let me explain: in a BLOOD AND COURAGE test, could my character contribute a RESOLUTION AND SPIRIT dice assuming that I use some type of spell or oration?

Finally, in the Spanish edition it is done quite a lot (in the character file and in the game example) that, when you win a second epithet, you only win it at D6, without being able to raise it to D8; However, I have read in the forum that the epithets share given… Is it a misunderstanding in the Spanish edition or is it that the rule has changed in the second edition?

Thank you very much for your patience


  1. Yes

  2. You use the same domain die.

  3. Epithets share one die.

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