Re-Posting of my Doskvol Map

(Stefan Struck) #1

Hi, I was asked to post some art I did and I decided to re-post my old map. I still get some requests about it from time to time and it’s still available for your games if you want to. If you’re interested DM me and I’ll send you a link. John gave his ok but I don’t have the rights for all the pictures used, so I don’t want to post a public link.

Main motivation was to have a map where north is not left but up and therefore I rotated Johns Map and added the labels again to stay true to the orginal as much as possible. Then I did my fake old map thing togehter with a fake mock thing and voilá (see picture for result). I’m pretty proud of the result, it looks really cool.


Sweet… but would you dare draw on it during games? :smiley:

(Stefan Struck) #3

Yes and no. It’s printed on some foam material and I planned to marker on it during sessions or even use pins for POIs. But my only face2face group chose to ignore the map more or less. They used it just as a mood thing in the background and not as working material. Then we stopped playing blades so right now it just looks good and that’s it.
I have another smaller version for my roll20 games which is useful, too. I’m ok with that and I had great fun re-creating John’s map.


Yeah we ended up using maps mostly for mood too, and some guidiance in scores, like where bridges and piers were and such.

Great for those things though :smile:

(Tom Nugent) #6

Awesome map! I’m looking forward to my first ever Blades session next Saturday, and I’m looking for artwork which will help set the scene for my as-yet-unaware-of-how-cool-Doskvol-is crew. Would you be able to send me the link to the map so I can print it out nice and big? Thanks a lot!!