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Never strike twice when once will suffice. Never strike once when twice is required.

Patience is another name for power.

When you can’t act, gather information. When you can’t gather information, sleep.

Never bite the hand that feeds you. Unless that hand prevents you feeding yourself.

Never be weak enough that you end up paying someone else’s debt.

It’s not enough to win a fight. You must also not lose.

You don’t beat a con by catching them in a lie. If you’re paying attention at all, you’ve already lost.

A promise is based on a future that may never come.

On a job, things will always go wrong. You just have to move forward, and hope you’ve planned for one more failure than actually occurs.

Diplomacy is smiling until you can reach your backup piece.

Fire and fear are good servants but bad masters.

Laws don’t tell people what they can’t do. Laws tell people exactly what they can get away with.

When morality and commerce conflict, always bet on commerce.

One should not be indiscriminate with charity or assassinations.


The Butcher Birds did it

Some of the Borribles proverbs (link, scroll down) may be a good fit, examples
To keep a bad promise does not make it good.
There’s a time for fingers crossed and mouths shut.
If they won’t let you fight a fair fight, don’t fight fair.
Don’t scratch where it don’t itch.


To paraphrase some of the wisdom to be learned at Elsewhere University:

If you must gamble, bet nothing you cannot lose