Small rules question: Group actions with Cohorts

Hello. A small rules question about using Cohorts, maybe someone knows the answer?

A cohort can operate independently, rolling Quality. A PC can also ‘oversee the maneuver’ as a group action.

I’m just curious whether the PC (group action leader) would pay 1 stress if the Cohort rolls a 1-3? I’m unsure because on p134 it says:

"However, the character leading the group action takes 1 stress for each PC that rolled 1-3 as their best result.’

This suggests only PCs rolling a 1-3 cost 1 stress. But I’d think if a Cohort you were leading as part of a group action rolled a 1-3 it makes sense to cost 1 stress then also.

Thanks! And don’t eat the radiant plants.


Yeah, it’s unclear in the rules but I would have the leader pay the stress too.