So what was your Aleph Key?

Just wondering if anyone here played through that first scenario – and if so, what the thing actually was.

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In my game it was a ‘Genesis Device’ created by the Ur that would allow someone to ‘remake’ a world, at the cost that they would become consumed in the process. This happened and one of the PCs used it to turn Aleph into a ‘garden world’. They were consumed and the impact on the Rin and the rest of the sector is yet to be realised. I’m planning for faction wars in a mad scrabble for power.


In a one-shot we did the Key was an actual ship key, because starships totally have keys like a car. When placed into the Stardancer, it and everything on board became ghostly, able to pass right through the ship restraints and indeed the star port itself.

We’re gonna be making a full campaign out of it in the next couple weeks, so here’s hoping I haven’t shot myself in the foot by giving such a powerful artifact straight out the gate!

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If you think so approach your the players and explaine it needs retuning. Keep it lightly.

Maybe it opens the gate to the Ur home system.

There are powerful factions wanting such a powerful artifact. With such a thing comes lots of trouble. Let them feel powerful … and then … :wink:

Missing key for the Hantu Gate?

(Maybe too obvious.)