The Deep Druids, a faction

Spun up a new faction and thought y’all might enjoy it as well :slight_smile:

TURF: The Deep Forest. An overgrown world of dark brambles that coexists alongside Duskvol, only accessible where the natural barrier between worlds weakens, spilling over into cobblestone streets.
NPCS: Caorall Cathasaighi (arch druid, stubborn, confident, powerful). Lyra Whisperwind (a seer, gifted, persuasive, lying). Elysia Fánaidh (cursed by The Dimmer Sisters, compassionate, curious).
NOTABLE ASSETS: Lightning dampeners, Sionn a verdant sanctuary (place of power and commune), Codex of Occult Arborealism (remnant symbols of power of the natural world).
QUIRKS: It’s believed the druids are comprised of those who Duskvol made no room for, so the Arch Druid took them into their forest. They say you can hear the movement of brambles when Caorall comes to offer you to join. No one has ever refused their offer.
ALLIES: The Circle of Flame, The Weeping Lady, The Path of Echoes
ENEMIES: The Dimmer Sisters, Spirit Wardens
SITUATION: The Deep Druids seek to extend the Deep Forest into Duskvol by weakening the barrier between worlds and consuming forces to further their rituals. No one knows if it’s the druids leading the forest, or the forest leading the druids. Or if they bring salvation or destruction.



How do you think they feel about Japan Park? Might Ruth Jayan have been connected to the Deep Druids somehow?