The Last Caravan: A Cars-and-Aliens RPG

My first RPG is an extremely FiTD-inspired project with some DNA from Wanderhome and PbTA in the mix! I’ve been pitching it as Little Miss Sunshine meets War of the Worlds – with a little dash of The Last of Us and XCOM 2 thrown in. :slight_smile:

The aliens came less than a year ago. The war was quick and brutal, but in the end nobody won. Now, with an alien army rising from the ashes of war, you will have to make a dangerous journey across a shattered North America in search of a new home — and fight for the future of your world.

Normal people finding heroism in extraordinary circumstances, you will explore transformed landscapes, search abandoned towns, discover otherworldly technology, negotiate with newly-formed factions, outrun alien pursuers, and — and all you’ve got is a car, your fellow travelers, and the road.

We have a quickstart available on and I’d love to hear what some of the brilliant Blades players here think of the system. We’re def still in development, and are headed to Kickstarter June 6th.