The Speculation Thread

Great theorizing by Bsomeone!

Here’s a speculative question I’ve been mulling over: "What did the Cinder King whisper to Render at his Breaking that drove him into an insane rage?

Possible answers:

That Zara is responsible for the Cinder King’s escape. Had she left the ten-pointed crown on the throne in Dar he could never have escaped, but she took the last point and now his power grows again.

That the Living God is responsible for the Cinder King’s power. The same power that let the Living God create nine chosen is the same power that the Cinder King now uses to break his enemies.

That the Living God lied to Valsim, he was never going to be able to defeat the Cinder King, merely slow him down. He was always going to be a sacrificial lamb.


And another question I have no answers for:

We have seen some evidence that when a Chosen is Broken it damages, maybe even kills the god.

When Nyx was Broken the moon shattered.

When Blighter was Broken alchemy was corrupted.

But when Render was Broken, Zora emerged from the wilderness, seemingly unaffected. What makes the Living God’s Chosen unaffected by their brother’s Breaking?

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For the last one, I have run with the Chosen of the Living God each having their own related sub-dominion or theme.

So Render was the Chosen over honour, and with his Breaking, all supernatural oaths made to or by Chosen have become inert, whole Zora has dominion over skill in war.

Zora remains affected, though, in a specific way - either Render or Zora must die before next summer, their coexistence unsustainable.

I like your explanation. Here’s mine:

Most people know that the Living God created nine Chosen, but very few people know why. The answer is that The Living God has anticipated the coming of the Cinder King (or something like him) for a very long time. The Living God’s Chosen are insurance: so long as they live in the world, he cannot be corrupted like the other gods in a Breaking. Unless the Cinder King can kill or Break each of his Chosen, he will be untouched by the Cinder King’s corruption.

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I like that too!

In fact, I think I’ll use both, and say the sub-dominions corrupt, but the Living God stays insulated as long as he has an uncorrupted Chosen.

The sting in the tail is that either the disease or the immune system will win - either Zora or Render will stand, and that will determine the outcome.

I can’t update the first post in the Thread anymore, so I’ll just note that Stras has confirmed that Dar is the capitol of the Old Empire.

This makes me think - is the Cinder King the Dead Emperor returned as effectively a revenant to take revenge on the Chosen who killed him? It would be interesting to correlate those who were Broken vs the Chosen who killed him etc…This would explain why he has the crown of fire (mostly)…

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I know I’m late to the thread, but one of the questions I have is whether or not the Blooded of Royin can also be Broken. I’d speculate that they can, particularly if the Chosen and if Dar itself can. The question is more whether or not they are worth the Cinder King’s time. But it would be crazy if the Cinder King had an army of Broken Blooded, kind of an elite legion of infantry.

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Also, I have a wild speculation for Andrastus: The region has only one god, but that god has a sort of multiple personality situation going on, thereby partly contributing to the divisive chaos and conflict in the region.

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