Where does the term Leech comes from?

Hey there. What is the origin of this playbook’s name? Is there a cultural reference or slang term I’m missing, not beeing a native english speaker?


It’s an archaic slang term for doctor. I’m not entirely sure of the origin, but I would guess it comes from how in ye olde times a common treatment was bloodletting (getting rid of the “bad” blood) by applying leeches (bloodsucking worms).


After some research I found it derives from Old Frisian and old germanic languages. I am somewhat sure that “leech, animal” and “leech, physician” use the same ‘word’ because of similar pronouciation - again, somewhat, the sources I found the information in weren’t clear and I have no knowledge about their reliability.


That’s cool, it confirms my hunch. The french version had it translated litterally, and it really feels off, as “sangsue” has never been slang for doctor, if I’m not mistaken.

To me this playbook feels more like a mad scientist than a doctor … Does english have cool slang for mad scientist?

That was always my understanding too - slang because of the use of leeches for removing ‘bad blood’

Pretty much this, but ‘Leech’ rolls off of the tongue much better than ‘Mad Bomber with Some Medical Training’