WickedOnes, a tool to help people play!

Happy day all! If you’ve played WickedOnes, you know there is a lot to keep track of - especially for the GM. So I adapted this tool to help people play. Its free.

You can get a feel for it via this demo video

You can access the tool here

Key features:
● Safety: An easy-to-use set of safety tools.
● PCs: Displays up to 8 PC character sheets at a time. Pick a sheet, name your character and select your playbook. The appropriate starting dots, special abilities, contacts, items, etc all fill in automatically. The Alias cell changes color based on the amount of harm a PC has taken, making it easy to be reminded of penalties. A dice roller appears in the left panel. To use the die roller you need to enable the macros.
● Dungeon: A digital Dungeon sheet + map builder.
● Adventurers: Tracks the various adventurers you’ve encountered.
● Zones: If you want more than Theater of the Mind, the Zones tab allows Fate-style Zone “maps”.
● Factions: Tracks the faction status and progress clocks for any factions the crew interacts with.
● Names: List of names for NPCs.

This tool is free for everyone to use. It was commissioned by professional GM Collin Kautz and developed by me. If you give it a spin, we’d love to hear what you think. Thanks!

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Very nice and thanks!
(You have twice “Brains” for attributes)

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Doh! Thanks for spotting the bug. Its fixed now :slight_smile:.