Witch-centered Forged in the Dark TTRPG Kickstarter Launch!


Hello again! We are Balsamic Moon Games Collective, a witchy, queer indie game studio. The game we announced here in the Blades in the Dark Community as Children of Midnight almost two years ago has become Witches of Midnight, and is finally heading to Kickstarter. The campaign will include a stand-alone Core Rulebook, a set of Custom Dice and a Tarot Deck!

Our games unapologetically espouse our values and beliefs: diversity is vital, down with the patriarchy, support radical environmentalism, and educate to fight colonialism.

Witches of Midnight is modern day alternate history “hopeful horror” game where witches have been “out” and using their powers to help their communities for more than 300 years.

Players build their Coven together during Session Zero and learn the built-in Safety Tools. Each PC has a different Grimoire (Playbook) and a Familiar. They have evaded registration by The Order to keep their greatest power, Wyld Magic. The game’s focus is on building up your coven, supporting a healthy community (including local fae), taking down corrupt power structures and solving magical mysteries while retaining your freedom to practice your craft. There is an intentional “Be Gay, Do Witchcraft” vibe.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the game or our indie studio here.

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